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IDS Groningen day one !

Khami her first show ever.
A little impressed with all the different dogs, people and tolleys she soon felt right at home and relaxed. She was the only baby girl in her class, judged by Joop Hiddes she did an amazing job. She was awarded with Very Promising.

So proud of the baby girl!


Day two of the IDS in Groningen.

Khami again was alone in baby class, this time judged by Karin van Klaveren.
While Khami decided that showing of her teeth again was not an option (we did that yesterday already!) she gained a nice report and was awarded with Very Promising.
She had to compete with brother Vinn for best baby and today Khami won!

In the ring of honor she made it all the way to Best Baby in show 3!!

First health test result is in!

Khami her DNA result for JME came back.

Happy to say that Khami is JME clear.




For years I have been searching for a combination that could possibly give me a puppy to make further plans and hopefully fulfill a dream….


Almost two years ago a beautiful ridgeback lady caught my eye and captured my heart, Tarujen Xoxo aka Keila.

It’s been a long time coming but today we came a big step closer to fulfilling that dream.


Little miss sunshine, Kxoxo Eywa Elemento Kani aka KHAMI