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Kuanzia Kani | News 2019
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News 2019


Time flies!

Pups are already 19 days old today. You can see how they develope each day. All eyes and ears have opened, they react to my voice and go crazy when they smell Khami 😉

From tomorrow the puppies will get visits from their future owners, something both parties look forward to.

There are a few ladies in this litter who are still looking for their forever home. These girls do not have a ridge or their ridge has an extra crown, but all are of course just a special as their brothers and sisters.

Feel free to contact me voor more information.


Welcome to our 10 mircales!

On mondaymorning november 25th at 8.10, after a long night without any sleep Khami gave birth to her first puppy. A beautiful strong male.

In just 9 hours she gave birth to 9 more wonders.
A total of 10 puppies, 5 boys and 5 girls.
The puppies all had a birthweigth around 450 gram, except one girl, with 350 gram she was the smallest.

Today they are 8 days old and all are doing really well. All have almost doubled their birthweights and the first one got to 1 kilograms in weight, a lady, not one of the boys 😉

Khami is taking good care of her little ones. It is so good to see how easily birth was and how her instinct kicked in right after the first puppy was born.


On september 26th and 27th Khami was mated.
We have made an ultrasound on October 18th and it showed us what we have hoped for. Khami and Baghira will have puppies at the end of november, if all will go well.

Khami is growing by the day, I can really see the difference by day.

She feels good, is happy as ever and is even more hungry then she was before. Also believes that everything is edible 😉

Below a picture from day 44

Day 44

02.09.2019 We are planning puppies

I am overwhelmed with joy to share this news.
Almost 6 years after our first litter was born we are planning our second litter.

It has been a dream for many years now that I could have a litter after Bonganis Brave Baghira. But as all my females have always been closely related this was not an option.

And now there is Khami so all options are open!

Ever since he was a puppy Baghira has always had a special place in my heart. He is a son after Bonganis Amila and my late, still so much loved Malozi Jamboni ~ Kani.

I believe that on many levels Khami and Baghira match each other perfectly.

Please feel free to have a look at our litter page.
If you have any question regarding Khami and/or Baghira, please feel free to contact me.

16.06.2019 What a day!

Terrier & Friends Gemeinschaftsshow 2019

Khami was entered in Intermediate class and here are her results !

Kxoxo Eywa Elemento Kani ~ Khami

1 Excellent – CAC VDH 

And to top it of


Breed entry 42 and judged by H. Salm 
Thank you!