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Kuanzia Kani | B – litter 2020
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B – litter 2020

Kuanzia Kani B – litter 2019/2020
Kxoxo Eywa Elemento Kani ~ Khami
Bongani’s Brave Baghira ~ Baghira

Khami gave birth to 10 puppies on november 25th. We have 5 boys and 5 girls.
There are a few puppies available, so if you have interest in one of these babies, please contact me.

Date of birth: 02.10.2017
HD A, ED free
Spine L1-7, SA neg
Height: 64,5 cm
SOD1 : non carrier
JME: non carrier
Hemophilia B: non carrier
Scissor bite, missing 1 P4
Owner: Ilse Hulsebos

Date of birth: 07.05.2012
HD A2, ED free,
OCD shoulder free
Heigth: 69,5 cm
SOD1 : non carrier
JME: non carrier
Hemophilia B: non carrier
Complete scissor bite
Owner: Daniela and Patrick

Khami was born in a litter of 12 puppies, 5 girls and 7 boys.


From the day she got home she has wrapped everyone around her paw.
She is a happy, outgoing girl, full of energy, great will to please and a big cuddler. The best spot to sleep is on top of me she thinks. She is friendly towards all other dogs and doesn’t look for arguments.
Besides being the sweetest girl on the block, she can be a bit stubborn from time to time and she is full of mischief which makes me laugh every day.

Baghira was born in a litter of 6 pups, 2 boys and 4 girls, three of them are livernose.

A few words about Baghira from his owners Daniela and Patrick:

Baghira is a friendly easy going male, never looking for arguments with other dogs, no matter if we are in our fields or on show. But if it is necessary, he is the rock for his pack.
Towards people he is calm and relaxed, with the first meeting he would come to say hello and then just pretend you are not there, when he would get to know you better he is the one looking for attention and loves to be close to you. He loves to cuddle with me, Daniela.

I am a member of the Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback Club and breed according to their Code of Ethics.

I only breed when there are enough people on the list. The puppies will be born and raised in my living room. When they are a few weeks old they will also have a part of my garden as their playground. They will be dewormed, vaccinated and socialized.

If you would like to know more about me, my dogs or Baghira, please feel free to contact me on